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Cheese is nutritious food made mostly from the milk of cows but also other mammals, including sheep, goats, buffalo, reindeer, camels and yaks. Around 4000 years ago people have started to breed animals and process their milk. That's when the cheese was born.

Cheese is a food derived from milk that is produced in a wide range of flavors, textures, and forms by coagulation of the milk protein casein . It comprises proteins and fat from milk, usually the milk of cows , buffalo , goats , or sheep . During production, the milk is usually acidified, and adding the enzyme rennet causes coagulation. The solids are separated and pressed into final form. [1] Some cheeses have molds on the rind or throughout. Most cheeses melt at cooking temperature.

And it would be super easy because when I packed from our previous apartment, everything was already sorted accordingly, and I have done the discarding, so now it was just to find every item a new home.

It was an overcast day in Seattle. Rain dropped from the sky in a tired, monotonous rhythm. But, surprisingly, everyone’s face gleamed with sunshine. The reason? A cheeseburger named The Seattle. Stuffed with Pinot Noir-glazed mushrooms, sautéed onions, arugula, and coffee-spiked mayo, it makes every day feel sunny.

Börek ( Turkish pronunciation:  [bøˈɾekʲ] ; also burek and other variants) is a family of baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo (or yufka ), of Anatolian origins and also found in the cuisines of the Balkans , Levant , Mediterranean , and other countries in Eastern Europe and Western Asia . A börek may be prepared in a large pan and cut into portions after baking, or as individual pastries. The top of the börek is often sprinkled with sesame seeds .

Atalanta Corporation is a multi- national food importer specializing in meat, cheese, groceries, fruit juice concentrates and fish products from around the world.

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