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In everyday usage, a vegetable is any part of a plant that is consumed by humans as food as part of a savory meal. The term vegetable is somewhat arbitrary, and largely defined through culinary and cultural tradition. It normally excludes other food derived from plants such as fruits , nuts , and cereal grains, but includes seeds such as pulses . The original meaning of the word vegetable , still used in biology, was to describe all types of plant, as in the terms "vegetable kingdom" and "vegetable matter".

A vegetable oil is a triglyceride extracted from a plant . [1] The term "vegetable oil" can be narrowly defined as referring only to plant oils that are liquid at room temperature, [2] or broadly defined without regard to a substance's state of matter at a given temperature . [3] For this reason, vegetable oils that are solid at room temperature are sometimes called vegetable fats . In contrast to these triglycerides, vegetable waxes lack glycerin in their structure. Although many plant parts may yield oil, in commercial practice, oil is extracted primarily from seeds .

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